Original One Parts™ Advantage


All Original One Parts™ are VIN to VIN vehicle matched to the manufacture's original part installed at the factory.


We offer additional trade discounts to qualified shops. To learn more, fill out the form below, or call us at 877.441.0001.


Original One Parts™ provides free ground shipping to ensure your parts arrive when you need them, with no additional costs.


Original One Parts™ require no clean-up and fit right the first time, saving your shop time and labor while increasing productivity and profitability.


Original One Parts™ are guaranteed to fit as perfectly as they did when originally installed at the factory. Genuine factory fit every time!


We offer a hassle free lifetime warranty on all our certified parts which provides value added peace of mind for your shop and your customers.

Perfect Parts Promise

Our Perfect Parts Promise guarantees the parts you receive are genuine and certified to original OE specs for the perfect fit, and the right performance, every time.

  • VIN To Vehicle Match

    Our certification process guarantees our parts are the original and accurate to the vehicle.

  • Validated in Fit, Form, & Function

    Our certification process ensures that Original One Parts™ meet genuine OE specifications for tolerance, stability, and finish.

  • Consistent Quality & Pricing

    Original One Parts™ offers shops a genuine OE part at an aftermarket price. Our certification process ensures you get the same quality part every time…guaranteed!

Certification Process

Original One Parts™ are genuine OE parts and the same parts originally installed at the factory. We harvest our parts from vehicles all over the country and aggregate them at our exclusive refinishing facilities where they undergo a rigorous clean-up and certification process. The result is a consistent, like new OE part, with timely delivery anywhere in the country.

The Original One Certification Guarantee:

  • Genuine Replacement Parts

    All mechanical and cosmetic parts are genuine OE parts installed at the factory.

  • Tested & Certified

    All mechanical parts are tested and certified to original OE factory specifications and tolerances.

  • Regulatory Guidelines

    All parts meet necessary regulations for fit, finish, and structural integrity.


Original One Parts™ stands behind its Certified Performance Guarantee with a limited lifetime warranty program

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Trade Discounts

Original One Parts™ is a strategic partner of our body shop customers. We understand the need for cost effectiveness in addition to fit, performance and timeliness in parts procurement. For this reason, we offer one of the highest trade discounts in the parts industry.

To get additional information on our trade discounts, complete the form, or call us at to learn more.

Meet Us on the Road in 2018

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Aug 7: CIC, Atlanta, GA

Aug 8-10: NACE, Atlanta, GA

Aug 29: Meeting at Original One Parts, St. Louis, MO

Sept 12: Meeting at Original One Parts, St. Louis, MO

Sept. 17-19: Fender Bender Conference, Lombard, IL

Oct 17: Meeting at Original One Parts, St. Louis, MO

Oct. 30 - Nov. 3: SEMA, Las Vegas, NV

Nov 14: Meeting at Original One Parts, St. Louis, MO

Dec 12: Meeting at Original One Parts, St. Louis, MO


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Original One Parts offers re-conditioned 100% OEM certified harvested salvage parts. Our unparalleled certification process ensures that the parts you receive are genuine and meet true original form, fit and function of the OEM part for the right performance and perfect fit, every time.

  • Full integration with CCC® (listed as The Original One Parts under ‘reconditioned’ category)
  • VIN to VIN matching – order by OEM part number or VIN
  • Guaranteed 48 hour delivery – next day delivery available in most cases, all freight is included in parts price
  • Competitive trade discounts – all prices listed with “list price” and “net price” from shop side in CCC®
  • Current return rate of 0% – across all parts categories (with exception of total loss vehicles)

For general inquiries please submit to: INFO@ORIGINALONEPARTS.COM